How the CMP Works

Did you know…

The Louisville Musicians Union has a program to help our local non-profits cover the cost of live music at their events. This can save a non-profit several hundreds of dollars while also providing a priceless experience for event attendees!

This program is called the Community Music Partnership, and can help you and your organization have live music at your next event at no cost to you!

Funding is available on a first come / first serve basis, so it’s never to early to submit your request for music!

What is the Community Music Partnership?

The Community Music Partnership (CMP) is a jointly-administered program from Louisville Metro Council and the Louisville Federation of Musicians that brings quality entertainment to our city’s nonprofit organizations. Through CMP, live music acts are provided at no cost to eligible partners for community events and venues such as neighborhood block parties, senior centers, health fairs and more.

The Cover Letter

To get the process started, contact the council person in the district your event is happening.

View a sample cover letter here.

Download a copy of the cover letter as a .docx file.

You can use this link to look up the councilperson for your event’s location.

If you know your event’s district, you can look up the councilperson for that district here.

Remember that all councilperson email addresses are:

CMP Application