Your Group May Qualify for Free or Co-Sponsored Live Music!

Metro Louisville government supports a program called the Community Music Partnership (CMP), jointly administered by the Metro Council and the Louisville Musicians’ Union.

Bands are provided to eligible organizations and groups at no-cost to perform at community events and venues such as:

• Neighborhood block parties
• Senior centers
• Retirement communities
• Health fair screenings
• Traditional community festivals

You may have seen our musicians and enjoyed their music at such events as:

• The Art in the Arbor
• The Americana Festival
• The Shawnee Library Derby Party

To inquire about the possibility of having free live music at your next event, contact your Metro Councilperson’s office.

What is the Community Music Partnership?

The Community Music Partnership (CMP) is a jointly-administered program from Louisville Metro Council and the Louisville Federation of Musicians that brings quality entertainment to our city’s nonprofit organizations. Through CMP, live music acts are provided at no cost to eligible partners for community events and venues such as neighborhood block parties, senior centers, health fairs and more. And while our community deals with COVID-19, CMP is proud to safely offer virtual, live-streamed music for groups holding online-only events. To learn how to have live music at your next function, contact your Louisville Metro councilperson.

If your organization has received assistance in the past from the Music Performance Trust Fund (MPTF), please note that due to changes in MPTF’s revenues — which were previously derived from sales of physical copies of recorded music that have been drastically affected by the dominance of downloaded and streaming music options — availability of these limited funds and requesting procedures have changed. If you have qualified in the past, please contact the Louisville Federation of Musicians office to see if you remain eligible.

The sponsoring organization fills out a Request for Musical Support (funding application) and sends it to the applicable Councilperson’s office at the address shown below, along with a letter of request, for Metro Council approval. Note: All requests for CMP-funded support must be approved by the Metro Council. The Metro Councilperson’s office will inform the organization if their request can be accommodated.

Mail to: [Applicable Councilperson]
Louisville Metro Council
601 W. Jefferson Street
Louisville, KY 40202

If approved, the Councilperson’s office will fax a copy to us, and we will process the paperwork and coordinate the musicians’ performance with the requesting organization and the Bandleader. Note: While all this may appear to be complicated and time consuming, most requests are processed via fax and can be completed within a day and, in some cases, within hours upon receipt!

If you’re ready to begin, please click here to; find out which district you’re in – obtain the name of your Councilperson and their contact information – review the listing of bands and ensembles available to support CMP requests – obtain a copy of the Request for Musical Support, along with information to assist you in completing the form.

Community Music Partnership Request for Musical Support