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Live music makes your special day or event even more special, and live music allows you to create the energy, excitement and mood you desire. Whether it’s the dining room of a fine restaurant, a wedding ceremony or reception, a college reunion or a Broadway-show, live music is the key to creating a memorable venue or event!


From a soloist in a piano bar, a string quartet in a garden, a high-energy horn band in a dance club, an orchestra in a concert hall, to an 18-piece big-band in a ballroom, there’s nothing quite like the sound of live music.  Decide what type of atmosphere you want for your venue or event, then select a band or ensemble that will complement your desires. Is a high-energy horn band right for your event?  If you’re running a club and want to keep the dance floor full all night – then yes.  If you’re planning a garden wedding – then no.  But, whether your event calls for a string quartet or a dance band, live music will help create the atmosphere you desire and set the mood to match the occasion.


If you have questions or need assistance selecting the right group, contact us and we’ll be glad to help.  In the meantime, here are answers to some commonly asked questions regarding booking bands and performers:

How far in advance should a band or performer be contacted?

As soon as possible. Many bands and soloists are booked more than a year in advance of the actual performance date.

How much will the group or soloist cost?

Costs will vary from one group to another, and will depend on the size of the group, the length of the performance, the occasion and the group’s popularity.

Does live music cost more than a DJ?

Live music usually costs about the same as a DJ – and sometimes less.

May I hear the group before signing a contract?

Yes. By contacting the group’s leader, you’ll be advised of where and when the group is performing. Also, many groups have preview CDs or tapes available.

How can I be sure the group won’t back out at the last minute?

A contract will be furnished to you by the group leader. Both you and the leader must sign the contract to make it binding. A contract is your guarantee you’ll get the band you want at the date and time you want. Once signed, the group or ensemble is obligated to honor the contract, as is the purchaser.

What if I sign a contract and then find I need to cancel my event?

A cancellation clause may be added to any contract. This protects both parties. This agreement allows the purchaser to cancel the engagement within a timeframe agreed upon by both you and the band.

The following is a partial list of restaurants and clubs offering live music that features many of the musicians found on these pages:

Jack Fry's

Laughing Derby

Marketplace Restaurant

Mitchell's Fish Market

Sake Blue