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Grand Slam

CMP Participant (4 musicians)

Classic-rock, pop and standards

Drums, bass, guitar, keyboard & vocals

Contact: Eddie Abraham (502) 727-3496

Hunt Butler Band

High-energy party band covering classic-rock, Top-40, disco, big-band and jazz

Contact: Hunt Butler (502) 339-9998


CMP Participant (4 musicians)

Hits from all eras; Tin-Pan Alley to Current Top-40 (drums, sax, bass, keyboard, vocals)

Contact: Gary Falk (502) 962-1040

Jerry Tolson Trio

Piano, sax, bass

Contact: Jerry Tolson (502) 254-1080

Majik Jack

CMP Participant (4 musicians)

Variety, blues, classic rock, 50s-60s, country, new-age rock, jazz and swing

Contact: Mark Barnes (502) 558-4753

The Memphis Red Hots

CMP Participant (1-7 musicians)

Piano, guitar, mandolin, bass, vocals

Contact: Michael O’Bryan (502) 923-7960

Mike Mitchell Trio with June Kelley-Roy

CMP Participant (4 musicians)

Light-jazz, variety and standards

Guitar, bass, drums, vocals

Contact: Mike Mitchell (502) 384-1560


CMP Participant (2-6 musicians)

Quintet – female vocalist, sax, keyboard or guitar, bass and drums

Contact: Mike Tracy (502) 544-9724 or (502) 458-1718

Prime Time

CMP Participant (4-7 musicians)

Keyboard, bass, horns, drums, vocals

Contact: Phil Hawkins (502) 969-2530

Ron Jones Quartet

CMP Participant (4 musicians)

Sax, piano, bass, guitar – can add vocals

Contact: Ron Jones (502) 495-6602

Sherman's Troops

Guitar, bass, piano, drums – can add vocals

Contact: Jeff Sherman (502) 499-7961


CMP Participant (4-7 musicians)

Latin, pop and variety: 6-7 piece big-band

Contact: John Manning (502) 445-1874

Swing Time Moods

CMP Participant (3-7 musicians)

3-7 piece including vocals

Contact: Steve Taylor (502) 637-9268

The Thrillers

CMP Participant (5-6 musicians)

Classic-rock, soul and variety: 5-piece plus vocalist

Contact: John Manning (502) 445-1874

Top Notch

CMP Participant (4-7 musicians)

Vocals with a big-band sound

Size and instrumentation to suit

Contact: June Kelley-Roy (502) 538-0556