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Anthony Minstein Trio

1950s Cool cocktail jazz and swing. Playing the Great American Songbook.

Sax/Flute, Guitar, Bass

Contact: Anthony Minstein (502) 216-3443

Hunt Butler Band

Big-band sound and jazz

Contact: Hunt Butler (502) 339-9998

Doug Finke Ensembles

CMP Participant (2-6 musicians)

Trombone-led small group swing.

Available as a duo through sextet

Contact: Doug Finke (502) 424-3928 (Sterling Entertainment)

High Standards

Jazz standards.

Contact: Joe Campbell

(502) 500-7684 


CMP Participant (2-6 musicians)

Guitar, bass, mandolin, drums

Contact: Donnie Loeffler (502) 724-9534

Jeff Sherman Trio

CMP Participant (3 musicians)

Guitar, bass, drums

Contact: Jeff Sherman (502) 499-7961

Jerry Tolson Trio

Piano, sax, bass

Contact: Jerry Tolson (502) 254-1080

JonAnthony Floyed-Jackson Quintet

5 piece – saxophone, piano, bass, drums, guitar

Contact: JonAnthony Floyed-Jackson,, (248) 514-3309

Louisville Jazz Band

Duet, trio or quartet

Contact: Brian Vinson (917)- 686-3433 /

Old Lou’s Ragtime Band

CMP Participant (4-6 musicians)

Traditional Jazz – clarinet, trumpet, trombone, tuba, banjo, washboard/drums

Contact: Jeff Beers (618) 615-6546 /

Ron Davidson

CMP Participant (1 musician)


Contact: Ron Davidson (502) 299-4805

Ron Jones Quartet

CMP Participant (4 musicians)

Sax, drums, bass, piano

Contact: Ron Jones (502) 495-6602

SC Trio

Piano, bass, drums

Contact: Steve Crews (502) 894-0329

Sherman’s Troops

Guitar, bass, drums, piano, vocals

Contact: Jeff Sherman (502) 499-7961


CMP Participant (4-7 musicians)

3-5 piece instrumentation

Contact: John Manning (502) 445-1874

Smooth Voyage

CMP Participant (1-3 musicians)

Jazz Standards, Latin and Variety

Available as a Duo (Guitar & drums) or Trio (add bass)

Contact: John Manning (502) 445-1874

Squeeze Bot

Accordion, tuba, banjo, drums

Contact: Todd Hildreth (502) 551-8495

Swing '39

CMP Participant (3-4 musicians)

Guitar, acoustic bass, violin

Contact: Jane Halliday (502) 896-0330

Todd Hildreth Trio

Piano, bass, drums

Contact: Todd Hildreth (502) 551-8495

Tracy's Musical Services -
Mike Tracy

CMP Participant (2-6 musicians)

Duo to Sextet – standards, jazz favorites and Brazilian

Contact: Mike Tracy (502) 544-9724 or (502) 458-1718