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Black Cat Band

CMP Participant (7 musicians)

7-piece traditional Dixieland

Contact: Steve Crews (502) 894-0329


Sax, trumpet, guitar, tuba

Contact: Gary Falk (502) 962-1040

Dixieland Dudes

Banjo, clarinet

Contact: Jeff Sherman (502) 499-7961

Dixie Sizzle

CMP Participant (4-6 musicians)

4-6 piece traditional Dixieland

Contact: John Manning (502) 445-1874

The Memphis Red Hots

CMP Participant (1-7 musicians)

Piano, accordion, guitar, mandolin, bass

Contact: Michael O’Bryan (502) 923-7960

Old Lou's Ragtime Band

4-6 piece New Orleands Jazz / Dixieland

Contact: Jeff Beers (618) 615-6546 or

Rascals of Ragtyme

CMP Participant (4-7 musicians)

Traditional Dixieland band

Contact: Mike O’Bryan (502) 299-3750

West Market Street Stompers

CMP Participant (6-7 musicians)

Trombone, keyboards, trumpet, clarinet/sax, drums, guitar

Contact: Doug Finke (502) 424-3928 (Sterling Entertainment)