Quintetessentials Woodwind Quintet or Woodwind Trio

CMP Participant (3-5 musicians)

Light-classical and pop’ (Disney, jazz standards)

Contact: Susan Kinman (502) 376-0661

Mark Barnes

Solo Guitar

Contact: Mark Barnes (502) 558-4753

Highland Chamber Players

CMP Participant (2-5 musicians)

Violin, viola, cello and harp (can add woodwinds)

Pop’, standards, show tunes and Celtic

Contact: Ray Weaver (502) 345-5485

Lynette and Ron Davidson

CMP Participant (2 musicians)

Guitar, flute

Contact: Ron Davidson (502) 299-4805

Mike Mitchell Trio

Light-jazz and standards

Guitar, bass, drums

Contact: Mike Mitchell (502) 417-3764

Quartet Louisville

CMP Participant (4 musicians)

String quartet

Variety, pop’, show tunes, ethnic, oldies, country, jazz and classical

Contact:  Lorna Larson (502) 899-1591

Smooth Voyage

CMP Participant (1-3 musicians)

Guitar/drums duo (can add bass)

Jazz Standards, Latin and Variety

Contact : John Manning (502) 445-1874

Steve Crews

Solo piano

Contact: Steve Crews (502) 894-0329

Symphonic Arts Entertainment

CMP Participant (4 musicians)

Brass or string quartet

Classical, pop’ and jazz

Contact: Jim Recktenwald (502) 671-8078

Take Two

CMP Participant (2 musicians)

Guitar – vocal duo

Classic and contemporary standards (can add bass and drums)

Contact: Mike Mitchell (502) 417-3764