Absolutely Brass

CMP Participant (5 musicians)

Solo, trio, quartet and quintet brass ensembles

Contact: Stacy Simpson (502) 645-3153

ARS Viva

Flute and harp ensembles

Contact: Carol Cutler (502) 459-9578

Burning River String Quartet

Violins, viola and cello

Contact: Nancy Staidle (502) 314-2803

Cello Quartet

Four Cellos

Contact: Louise Harris (502) 451-2407

Commonwealth Strings

All string ensemble

Contact:  Jack Griffin  (502) 777-4789

Con Brio String Trio

Two violins and cello

Contact: Wendy Doyle (502) 380-0301

Quintetessentials Woodwind Quintet or Woodwind Trio

CMP Participant (3-5 musicians)

Light-classical and pop’ (Disney, jazz standards)

Contact: Susan Kinman (502) 376-0661

Derby City Strings

CMP Participant (1-4 musicians)

String trio (Violin, viola and cello)

Contact: Nancy Staidle (502) 314-2803

Five Star Brass Quintet

CMP Participant (5 musicians)

Two trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba

Highland Chamber Players

CMP Participant (2-4 musicians)

Violin, viola, cello, harp – can also add woodwind, brass and vocals

Contact: Ray Weaver (502) 345-5485

SMT Music String Quartet

CMP Participant (3-4 musicians)

String trio or quartet

Contact: Steve Taylor – SMT Music (502) 637-9268

Kentucky Brass

CMP Participant (4-5 musicians)

Brass Quartet or Quintet

Contact: Jim Recktenwald (502) 599-3105

Louisville Brass Quintet

Contact: David Welch (502) 296-6937

Lynette and Ron Davidson

CMP Participant (2 musicians)

Guitar, flute

Contact: Ron Davidson (502) 299-4805 

Quartet Louisville

Contact: Roberta Chappars (502) 429-5888

Quintessential Winds of Kentucky

Contact: Susan Kinman (502) 376-0661


CMP Participant (2 musicians)

Flute and guitar

Contact: Nancy Harris (502) 267-0418

Spaced Out Trio

Playing 20th-century American and French woodwind chamber music.

Contact: Anthony Minstein (502) 216-3453

Symphonic Arts Chamber Ensembles

CMP Participant (4 musicians)

Brass quintet, string quartet – Full chamber ensembles and more

Contact: Jim Recktenwald (502) 671-8078

Trio Dolce

Flute, violin and cello

Contact: Steve Taylor (502) 637-9268